10 Reasons to Visit Las Vegas


If you’re planning on visiting Las Vegas in the near future, you may be curious as to what makes it such an appealing place to spend time. After all, with so many fun things to do and see in the United States, why should you consider spending your vacation in Las Vegas? The truth is that there are countless reasons to visit Sin City, whether you’re a lifelong resident or just passing through on your way to another state or country. Check out this list of 10 reasons why you should visit Las Vegas!

1) EAT
There’s more to Sin City than buffets, poker, and cheap beer. The city has evolved into a destination with diverse dining options, thanks in part to celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Bobby Flay opening up locations at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and Wazuzu at the Wynn. Filled with tasty restaurants, bars, and lounges—all of which are chock-full of personality—the neighborhood around Aria is one of our favorites. Go for small plates at Scarpetta or order your favorite Italian dish made-to-order at Carnevino Italian Steakhouse. And you can’t leave without trying something decadent from Jean Philippe Patisserie. We recommend ordering a cone of warm Valrhona chocolate soufflé! You might also want to make reservations at Bazaar Meat by José Andrés before heading over to Caesars Palace where you’ll find some epic eats. There’s no shortage of opportunities for celebrating here either…because everyone loves a good cause! Our favorite benefit dinner right now is Bacchanal Buffet benefiting Children’s Hospital at Montefiore Foundation (June 19). Tickets start at $250 per person and if that seems pricey, just think about how much money they’re saving on food costs. It’s an opportunity unlike any other! Check out their website today. Going there soon? Don’t forget your passport. Seriously, it took us hours to get through immigration last time we went to Paris and we didn’t even have seats on first class!

2) Gambling
If you’re like most Americans, chances are you’ve visited a casino at least once in your life. While many people take for granted that gambling is allowed in places like Nevada, New Jersey, and Mississippi, there are actually laws in place that limit where casinos can be built. Generally speaking, casinos are not allowed near schools or churches (although parking lots and adjacent buildings do not count as nearby), and state governments usually prohibit larger hotels from building their own casinos inside of them. In addition, almost all states require gamblers to register with authorities and/or be over a certain age before they can gamble. The one thing states don’t require? Casinos to offer food beyond peanuts—something that makes it tough to resist leaving with an empty wallet.

3) Shows
The shows in Las Vegas are some of the most entertaining you’ll find anywhere. If you want a top-notch night out, there are dozens of options; if you want to go out on a budget, there are equally fun options there as well. In addition to iconic acts like Cirque du Soleil and Blue Man Group, there are also comedy favorites like Carrot Top (one of my personal favorites). Looking for something more highbrow? Check out your favorite band or musician at one of many world-class music venues—or take in a ballet or other cultural experience during off-peak times.

5) Pool Parties
In Sin City, pool season begins in mid-April and runs through early October. A day at a resort’s pool isn’t just about soaking up some rays; most of these resorts offer daytime activities and nighttime entertainment, so there’s always something going on. Forget about pricey cabanas; many pools (like those at Caesars Palace) allow you to rent beach chairs for as little as $5 during off-peak hours. If you want a real VIP experience, though, consider springing for an all-day spa treatment or renting a cabana (which typically starts around $500). Ready to get wet? Check out our picks for Las Vegas’s best pool parties.

4) Tourist Attractions
Before you book that flight, ask yourself if you really want to spend your vacation in crowded shopping malls, dodging taxi cabs and tourists. If all you’re interested in is shopping and gambling, there are many places for that. But if you’re looking for a few days of entertainment and natural beauty, head straight for your favorite travel website and search for something like beautiful Nevada tours or must-see sites on your next trip to Nevada. There are plenty of sites out there focused on making sure visitors get a well-rounded experience while they explore some of America’s most spectacular landscapes. Search Google or any major site specializing in travel deals and see what comes up. You may also be able to find tour companies near you through local chambers of commerce. And, don’t forget to check with AAA; they have lots of information about car rental prices and available hotels. You might even find out about special package deals designed especially for travelers with mobility issues. After spending an hour online, it should be easy to come up with at least three possible destinations that fit your interests and schedule.

5) World-class entertainment at a fraction of the cost
Thanks to its proximity to Los Angeles, many of Hollywood’s top producers and directors shoot their movies in Las Vegas. For example, most of Hangover 3 was filmed at Caesars Palace—and if you stay there, you can rub elbows with cast members at one of 10 celebrity-owned restaurants. Aside from movies, plenty of musicians shoot videos in Sin City—Britney Spears’ Oops! I Did It Again made use of iconic sites such as The Venetian’s Grand Canal Shoppes and MGM Grand. No matter your taste in entertainment, you can find what you’re looking for while visiting Sin City. Or even better: Enjoy one event after another without having to travel far between them. Restaurants, bars, and clubs abound across The Strip but only a handful are must-see destinations where you won’t have trouble getting reservations or tickets.
On average, it costs $7 just to get on a local bus in NYC — $16 is closer to reality — but it takes a little under an hour to reach Times Square via public transportation from midtown Manhattan. If you plan ahead and buy tickets online in advance, New York is already expensive enough that way; buying cabs individually makes paying $50-$60 fare (plus tip) seem like not much fun at all.

6) Party in your hotel room pool
Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t work up a sweat. Pack your swimsuit, pop some earbuds in and dive into a lap or two. Even if you don’t have access to an outdoor pool, fill up your tub with warm water and let your body float on it. And in case you needed more reasons to take advantage of those hotel amenities, all that splashing about counts as exercise! A quick 10-minute stint in a hot tub burns about 70 calories for both men and women. Tip: The sting from hot-tub jets isn’t just uncomfortable—it actually burns muscle tissue (that’s why people are often sore after taking a soak). To protect yourself, limit dips to one minute at first; when your body gets used to being submerged, increase sessions to three minutes or so at a time. An added bonus? Hot-tub jets relieve stress by flushing out tension-causing lactic acid—the same chemical produced during intense workouts like cardio boxing. Consider soaking a mini-workout.

A Day In The Life Of A Vegas Escort

A Day In The Life Of A Vegas Escort

The word Las Vegas tends to conjure up images of neon lights, luxury hotel rooms, and the most popular of them all – the Las Vegas Escorts! If you’re looking to escape the daily grind and live it up in Vegas, you might want to think about getting your own personal escort. A day in the life of a Vegas escort is nothing like what you might have pictured. Here are some things you might not know about Las Vegas escorts.

What Is It Like To Work As An Escort?
Working as an escort isn’t what you’d expect. Sure, many have sexy images in their head but for me, it’s not about sex at all. Sex is something I do but if I am honest, my clients are paying for conversation and company just as much as they are paying for sex. I don’t know about other escorts but there is a huge rush for me when I get that call from one of my regulars who just want to chat or to have someone to go out with on a regular basis. That’s why being an escort means so much more than having sex! For example, meeting new people and getting to know them can be incredibly rewarding. On top of that, knowing I can provide a service by looking after lonely guys or having fun nights out in Las Vegas makes me feel valued. You see while most people see themselves as good friends to others; working with Lollipop Escorts has taught me how true friendship works. It’s genuine care for others and making sure their needs are met; which is exactly what Lollipop does for its clients by providing service like no other Vegas escort agency!

What Do People Think About Las Vegas Escorts?
Most of us enjoy living in a community where people don’t have any preconceived notions about what happens inside our homes. This is especially true when it comes to independent escort Las Vegas, NV agencies. Las Vegas area escorts usually pride themselves on how comfortable they are with being able to be truthful about their work-life and identity to family, friends, and neighbors. To get an idea of how escort ladies feel about living in close proximity to those who know exactly what they do for a living, we asked three of our employees from Lollipop Escorts why they decided to move to Las Vegas. These included Runyway Escorts, another featured agency, both located here in town. The women all agreed that there was no better city in which to live than Las Vegas as far as accepting diversity and individuality goes. Many said that compared to some of their previous cities of residence (Los Angeles, Atlanta), residents here tend to look at individuals differently if there is something different about them rather than differentiating them by color or ethnicity like other places tend to do. Here is some of what we learned: How Long Have You Been An Escort? Despite our title as Las Vegas Escorts, one shouldn’t assume that everyone working at these two agencies is only new to sex work. This isn’t necessarily due to age but instead because newbies want to make sure that they love getting paid for being naughty before deciding whether or not such a career choice would fit into their permanent long-term goals – although many will continue working towards fulfilling their dream even after finding out it does fit! One says she has been doing it since she was 18 years old now 26; another since 21 now 24; and another stated she started so young that she can barely remember her first sexual encounter involving money! What Do You Love About Being An Escort? When speaking with Runway Escorts, customers should take note that they also operate independently. What I mean by independent is that while we use a high-tech database system enabling clients to review profiles and book appointments quickly, each lady decides her own rates, schedule details, and services provided. All of our girls love their jobs but each has different reasons depending on things like their personalities or personal hobbies/interests. Each Lola believes she has lots to offer guys; however, once interviewed you may notice quite a difference between each woman’s background too!

How Did I Become A Las Vegas Escort?
All cities have escorts of some kind, and Las Vegas is no different. Yet there are some things that make a girl want to become a Las Vegas escort. There are really only two main categories: girls who want money, and girls who want to be famous. The latter usually end up as strippers; but because their goal isn’t quite so straightforward as wanting money, they don’t get paid quite as well. These women become escorts for more nefarious reasons—things like not enough time to sleep or boyfriends not giving them what they need emotionally. Whatever your reasons are for becoming an escort in Las Vegas, you’ll never need much persuading if you choose Lollipop Escorts or Runway Escorts over any other agency in town. LEP is one of Nevada’s most respected agencies by escorts and clients alike. For escorts, we offer plenty of steady work where our clients aren’t sleazy; and LEP can also give you all sorts of information about how to prepare yourself mentally (and physically) for doing such work. If none of that sounds good to you, then Runway Escorts will likely be a better fit—they take pride in treating every girl like royalty from start to finish. So whatever type of Las Vegas escort turns you on…just remember: it could always be worse!